Cooling Solutions

Highly efficient data centre, Comms room and cabinet cooling solutions
Market leading soundproof enclosures

Soundproof Enclosures

Market leading soundproof enclosures
Multi-functional 19

IT Enclosures & Frames

Multi-functional 19" cabinets, wall boxes and frames
From intelligent PDU’s, environmental and security solutions through to DCIM

Power, Security & DCIM

From intelligent PDU's, environmental and security solutions through to DCIM

USystems have been around since 2004 during which time we have established innovative and award winning designs for products which have made a real difference in cooling, sound attenuation and environmental intelligence in individual and multiple cabinet projects.

Our internationally recognised brands reflect our cutting edge designs to help future proof and significantly reduce energy consumption in offices and data centres alike.

Soundproof Enclosures

A range of high performance soundproof cabinets. 

Floor standing soundproof cabinets: UCoustic 9210 high performance soundproof cabinets with an unrivalled 28.5dBA sound attenuation while offering an unbeatable 7.2kW of cooling capacity.  Independently tested to ISO 3744, compatible with all leading makes and types of server and SAN storage, with enhanced energy saving, IP and anti-vibration options

Midi soundproof cabinets: UCoustic 7210SP range of midi soundproof cabinets offer the same specifications as the USpace 7210 with the addition of high performance sound proofing

Soundproof wall boxes: UCoustic 7250SP range of wall mounted soundproof box offer all the benefits of the USpace 7250 wall box with the addition of high performance sound proofing

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IT Enclosures & Frames

‘USpace’ – A range of superior 19” cabinet solutions. 

Floor standing enclosures: The USpace 4210 is a multi-function floor standing frame, which can be transformed into a comms cabinet, cabling cabinet, server cabinet, IP54 cabinet, collocate cabinet; capable of withstanding loads of up to 1500kg and can house all major server brands such as IBM, Dell, HP, CISCO

Midi Cabinets: The USpace 7210 is a range of midi floor standing data-comms and server cabinets withstanding weight loads of up to 250kg and able to house all major server brands

Wall boxes: The USpace 7250 wall box range is available in 700mm widths enabling superior cabling capability 

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Power & Security

Encompassing a wide range of electronic, power and software based products which add to the levels of intelligence within our enclosure and cooling solutions

Access, security and environmental system: The UTelligent Secure Space is a range of intelligent locking and environmental monitoring solutions, retrofittable to existing OEM installations

Power, security and monitoring solutions: The UTelligent Power range comprises intelligent power strips with numerous configurations of power, security and monitoring abilities, retrofittable to existing OEM installations

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Recent News
Wed 3rd August 2016

This is our ColdLogik rear cooling being used for Nautilus project -



Nautilus has designed a floating facility to save on energy and cooling

In this interview James Connaughton, CEO at Nautilus Data Technologies, talks about the company’s quest to put a data center on a barge.

Modular caging
Wed 11th May 2016

USystems are happy to announce our collaboartion with Cross Guard to specify and supply their state of the art modular caging for creating secure areas and demarcation for the storage of servers, computer equipment and valuables in data centres -

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