UCoustic Soundproof Cabinet Accessories

UCoustic load spreader


A steel laminated load spreader used to take the load off a populated cabinet, designed specifically for weak flooring.

Relief holes are included to enable the load spreader to be secured to the floor without any bolt heads obstructing the cabinet's wheels when it is being moved.


UCoustic dust filter

UCoustic easy to apply foam filter, prevents dust from entering a 9210 or 7250 UCoustic cabinet helping to protect any sensitive hardware housed inside.

The filter is removable for servicing. To ensure continued effectiveness it is recommended that the filter is replaced every 12 - 18 months.


UCoustic venting kit ducting kit heat removal
UCoustic vent ducting kit soundproof cabinet

UCoustic ducting kit

The UCoustic 9210 ducting kit enables hot exhaust air to be directed outside the room or building, saves on energy and keeps the room cool.

It can be fitted with out any interuptions to your server equipment, no downtime needed.

Please see video for full information on how it works and how it can benefit you and your buisness.


UCoustic cable entry system cable management cabling soundproof

UCoustic cable entry system

UCoustic 9210 cabinets include one cable entry system as standard but the 7250-SP can have the entry system as an optional accessory.

On the 9210 there are six available ports in total, three at the top and three at the bottom of the cabinet; so further cable entry systems can be deployed as required - the 7250-SP has two ports available, one at the top and one at the bottom.

U measuring strip

U is the EIA-310 standard unit of measure for designating the vertical usable space, or height of racks and cabinets. This unit of measurement refers to the usable internal space between the mounting angles of a rack. 1U is equal to 44.45mm (1.75 inches).

U strip is a self adhesive labeling system which is stuck directly onto the mounting angles to assist with identification of a specified location when installing equipment within the cabinet. Sold in sets of two strips with numbering starting at the base (1U) up to a maximum of 48U heights - cut to size as required.

Tower infill kit

Sound proof tower infill foam helps to retain maximum thermal performance and sound attenuation when fitting non 19” equipment such as a tower PC.

Comprising vertical metal panels and foam to surround the tower PC/server which creates the seal which assists the thermal performance.

Available in

2 size kits 266mm and 532mm which to prevent hot spots and the potential over heating of active equipment.


Sound proofed quick fit blanking panels

UCoustic quick fit soundproofed blanking panels are available in 5 heights and require no tools or fixings.

These panels plays an important role in sound attenuations, airflow and thermal management by blanking out unused gas down the front of a populated cabinet preventing sound leaks and hot air re-circulation eliminating the risk of hot spots.

Compatible with

USpace 7210 and 7250 soundproof and UCoustic cabinet ranges


Finger trunking

USpace slotted ‘finger’ trunking/cable tidy is ideal for us in cabinets with fibre distribution. Slotted duct provides a neat and efficient means of supporting cables in numerous application. Open and tapered slot construction enables cables to be laid in as assembly wiring progresses with the lid being snapped into place securing installation. Easily removable lid enables additional cables to be added at any time.

Compatible with

USpace 4210, 7210, 7250, UCoustic and ColdLogik ranges

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