Cable Management

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USpace Jumper rings

Two options for 4210 jumper rings which are quick and easy to use providing vertical cable management.

Corner post jumper rings

Fit directly into the corner posts and require no fixings. Suitable for both 600 and 800 wide server cabinets.

Flat bar jumper rings

Designed for 800 wide cabinets only and can fit on infill panels or cable trays.

Compatible with

USpace 4210

UCoustic cable entry system cable management cabling soundproof

UCoustic cable entry system

UCoustic 9210 cabinets include one cable entry system as standard but the 7250-SP can have the entry system as an optional accessory.

On the 9210 there are six available ports in total, three at the top and three at the bottom of the cabinet; so further cable entry systems can be deployed as required - the 7250-SP has two ports available, one at the top and one at the bottom.

USpace jumper ring panel accessory cabinet accessories rack

Jumper ring panel

19 horizontal cable management jumper ring panels are quick and easy to use and a useful best practice solution to prevent strain on and protect cables whilst ensuring a tidy appearance.

Available in

1U and 2U heights, both with 4 loop rings and complete with fixings.

Compatible with

USpace 4210, 7210, 7250, UCoustic and ColdLogik cabinet ranges

Finger trunking

Finger trunking

USpace slotted ‘finger’ trunking/cable tidy is ideal for us in cabinets with fibre distribution. Slotted duct provides a neat and efficient means of supporting cables in numerous application. Open and tapered slot construction enables cables to be laid in as assembly wiring progresses with the lid being snapped into place securing installation. Easily removable lid enables additional cables to be added at any time.

Compatible with

USpace 4210, 7210, 7250, UCoustic and ColdLogik ranges

4210 Finger management cable tray

4210 finger management cable tray ensures best cabling practice within the USpace 4210 cabinet.

Finger management cable tray is ideal for cabinets which have already been populated when fitted to the rear of the cabinet. Suitable for mounting PDU’s and vertical cabling.

Available in

3 widths and 5 heights as standard.


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