Aisle air containment systems

Hot, cold, horizontal, vertical, convex and in-row aisle systems

Many years of innovation and experience accumulated at USystems producing  cutting edge design solutions for data centres has been channelled into developing the most effective and efficient aisle containment systems currently available.

Thermodynamically advanced, cost and energy efficient, our solutions incorporate the unique Convex aisle containment system, Horizontal (flat roof) and Vertical solutions spanning hot aisle or cold aisle options all of which improve cooling efficiencies specific to your cooling requirements.  Each style of containment can be designed around multiple height cabinets without affecting thermal performance.

All our aisle air containment options are fully retrofittable onto both USystems and OEM cabinets for new build or existing data centres without affecting day to day operations, where the cold or hot aisle can be contained to maximise cooling efficiency.  

When used as a cold aisle or hot aisle incorporating in row cooling, aisle air containment system provides segregation between cold supply air and hot exhaust air.   

Aisle Air Containment Systems - Coldlogik Convex Aisle Containment

An example of the ColdLogik Convex Aisle Containment


Environmental and cooling

Aisle Air Containment fully encases the corridor with a rigid enclosure which maximises the efficient use of cold air being fed in through the raised floor.  The corridor remains light as light transmission (LUX) from the data centre is let in through the lightweight transparent ceiling panels which have a transparency of an impressive 88%. 

The sliding doors at either end of the aisle can be self closing and can be fitted with a choice of security levels depending on specific requirements.  Environmental monitoring options are also available.

Aisle Air Containment Systems - Coldlogik Horizontal Aisle Containment

An example of the ColdLogik Horizontal Aisle Containment


Cost savings

Savings of up to 30% on building and operating Data Centre cooling systems means a full return of initial investment from energy saving is realistic within the first year of installation. Capacity to utilise previously unused cabinet space can be maximised due to freedom of cooling restraints, in turn extending the life of active equipment housed within and of course reducing your carbon emissions from ongoing energy savings. 

Energy Efficiency Financing is available to a wide variety of organisations which can help you save money, reduce energy costs and your carbon footprint.  There are a number of affordable financing options endorsed by the Carbon Trust available from Siemens Financial Services which can delivery increased energy savings and earnings from the very beginning.  The scheme has been designed so that financing payments are offset by anticipated energy savings, whereby new equipment will pay for itself.

Aisle Air Containment Systems - Coldlogik Vertical Aisle Containment

An example of the ColdLogik Vertical Aisle Containment

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