CL20 Options & Range Accessories

ColdLogik cooling systems can be upgraded with options & range accessories like the innovative ColdLogik Room Management System to optimise your data centre cooling
RMS Room Management System ColdLogik
RMS Room Management System Monitor ColdLogik

ColdLogik Room Management System 'RMS'

The ColdLogik Room Management System (RMS) is the complete and reliable solution for management, monitoring and optimisation of data centres.

CMS Control Management System ColdLogik

ColdLogik Management System 'CMS'

The ColdLogik Management System 'CMS' sits at the heart of the ColdLogik solution.

The CMS is built into the new 4210 CL20 as standard, however it is also available as a stand alone 2U unit which can be rack mounted, fitted to the top of an IT cabinet cabinet or under floor.

ColdLogik hoses CL20 Rear Cooler InRow
ColdLogik hoses CL20 Rear Cooler InRow

ColdLogik hoses

ColdLogik™ Hoses are made from a mix of galvanised wire, fabric and rubber silicone offering ultra pliable hoses with a smaller ben dradius than most other hoses available, which help prevent twisting while offering the benefit of additional flexibility.
Suitable for use in both positive pressure and Leak Prevention (LPS) systems and Zero Aisle overhead runner system components.