CL20 Rear Door Deployment

CL20 Rear cooler deployement

Deployment – A general understanding

There is a myth that rear of cabinet cooling systems is only suitable for medium to high density cooling, dedicating one RDHx to each cabinet.  We can dispel that myth as we have deployed many low duty density cabinet installations, which dissipate up to and around 3kW per cabinet.  And just like with CRAC and an In-row cooling you would not dream of deploying a unit per cabinet – so is the case with rear of cabinet cooling.  By deploying CL20’s in a logical manner, it is possible to design a low, medium, or high duty room or a mix of all three requirements in one space – all with one elegant solution.  


How is this achieved?   

Clearly every data centre is different and requires a flexible solution for its specific cooling requirements.  There are various standard CL20 coolers within the range, offering different duties and airflows. 


Air off the cooler overwhelms the warm air leaving the adjacent cabinets, the resulting air mix provides the predetermined room temperature.  Each rear cooler is intelligently managed for optimum efficiency by embedded computers which continually adjust the operational parameters in response to the heat removal demands placed on the system. By making continual load adjustments, the ColdLogik Management System ‘CMS’ controllers maintain the room ambient temperature.  


Low duty deployment

An example of low density cooling could be to deploy a CL20 rear cooler every third of fourth cabinet. Typically, up to and arround 5kW per cabinet can attained by this design.



Medium duty deployment

Low to medium density cooling can be achieved by deploying a CL20 rear cooler every second or third cabinet. Typically, up to and around 12kW per cabinet can be attained by this design.

High duty deployment

We qualify high duty as being typically above 12kW of heat load per cabinet and a rear cooler is fitted to each cabinet.  For maximum efficiency, energy saving benefits and future proofing we have a range of coolers.

CL20 OEM deployment

The CL20 can be deployed onto new builds and existing OEM cabinets by installing an interface frame. 

The interface frame is a universal product, so all standard and some non-standard enclosures can be accommodated. It allows a secure fixing of the rear cooler without transferring any additional weight to the existing cabinet.

The frame brings many of the benefits of the CL20 cooler family without the need to decommission old cabinets – or even entire data centres.

SAN & UPS Cabinet deployment

Since its launch in 2007 the CL20 has been designed-in to many solutions, including the cooling of OEM SAN and UPS cabinets.  Naturally it is imperative to retain the integrity of the OEM’s product and to this end USystems had already developed an overhead runner system ‘Zero Aisle’ – which, had its own unique application.  The ‘Zero Aisle elegantly negated the need to hinge the cooler to the OEM cabinet and allowed the original cabinet door to stay in situ, thus retaining the OEM’s cabinet design and integrity, some are fitted with EMC seals.  

The runner system can be fitted to the top of the cabinet or suspended from the ceiling, in each scenario the cooler can be withdrawn from the door and access can be gained to the cabinet.

UPS room deployment

In addition to dedicated cabinet cooling, we have also created a plenum for cooling a suite of UPS cabinets in a room.  This allowed clients to maximise the energy benefits of a ColdLogik liquid cooling solution and negated the need for additional less efficient cooling solution.