Directional Airflow eXhaust system ‘DAX’

Energy efficent heat removal and redistribution


‘DAX System’ - what is it?

The primary function of the Directional Airflow Exhaust ‘DAX system’ is to enhance industrial cooling systems through the removal and distribution of heat from the rear of IT enclosures in an energy efficient and controlled way.

Incorparting the unique UTelligent FaEn board to monitor, diagnose and warning alarms.

Features and benefits

A substantial reduction in power consumption

  • Reduction on air conditioning usage
  • Heat the office in winter months or other rooms/spaces with reclaimed heat
  • Energy efficient EC fan technology
  • Optimise hardware performance

Capital cost reduction

  • Extended life span on room air conditioning and active equipment

Environmental control and monitoring

The UTelligent FaEn (Fan and Environmental) control philosophy continuously monitors and modulates the fan speed dynamically adjusting to ensure optimum performance

Built in redundancy

In the event of a system fault, the DAX unit will continue to perform uninterrupted until the fault can be fixed

Local environmental display/diagnostics

Enables each unit to have current status viewed offering peace of mind that your system is working as required

EC centrifugal fans offer 1075m3/hr


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