Hybrid adiabatic cooler

As the system operates outside the LCOP L8 document there is no requirement for local authority registration and due to the mode of operation, the system requires no ongoing expensive chemical treatment regime and water testing.  However, thanks to its innovative design, the water that is not evaporated is recycled through a UV filtration system to allow it to be reused.  There is no water sprayed into the air at any point and the coil stays dry at all times.  The units can achieve fluid temperatures within 4°C of wet bulb but operate dry up to 3°C from dry bulb.  The range of capacities from 50 to 1200kW.


The benefits of the Hybrid cooler

  • Operates as a dry cooler to within 3°C of dry bulb saving water
  • Can achieve fluid temperatures within 4°C of wet bulb.
  • UV filtration fitted as standard
  • All water is drained at the end of each spray session
  • Water is flushed once every 4 days if spray not used.
  • Adiabatic water drained on TDS measurement
  • EC fans

Optional extras available

  • Single or dual pumps on spray system
  • Saline atmosphere/desert capabilities copper/copper electrotinned condenser coils, special paint finish
  • High flow
  • Low and ultra low noise

Issues with existing solutions

Standard design adiabatic coolers  use  spray headers to inject water into air streams.  If excess water spray isn’t evaporated by ambient air, pooling results.  As well as causing a slip hazard, there’s a risk of legionella bacteria breeding within the water pool.  In addition, adiabatic coils can easily become blocked by salt even with the use of softened water.  Water softeners simply change hard salt in water to soft salt which will still attach to the coils.  If the coils aren’t totally clean, there is a substantial loss of air flow and cooling capacity, giving a very inefficient cooling system.  If cooling towers are used as an alternative, regular maintenance and water treatment is required to eradicate any risk of bacterial build up. 


Key benefits of our hybrid solution

  • Water savings - the system operates dry for the majority of the year, only when the ambient air temperature gets close to the set point will the adiabtic system operate.  This can be as little as 1 or 2% of the year.
  • No spray or pooling - mains water is delivered directly to pads via a pumping system to ensure adiabatic wate is correctly distributed.
  • No risk of bacteria - excess water is recirculated via a UV filter before being delivered back to the pads and adiabatic water is refreshed on a regular basis.
  • No risk of contamination - process water operates in a closed circuit.
  • Plume free - as saturated air passes through the coil it is heated away from saturation and creates no plume.
  • No need for chemical water treatment.
  • Flexibility with siting - can be located around other plant and machinery without any risk of equipment getting wet from adiabatic spray.


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