Rear of cabinet cooling

Multi-award winning

Internationally acclaimed, multi-award winning low to high density data centre cooling solution with over 100 prestigious installations successfully deployed throughout the world

The ColdLogik CL20 rear cooler was the first intelligent rear door heat exchanger ‘RDHx’ cooling solution. The original and still the best since 2007.

The ColdLogik CL20 rear of cabinet cooler boasts the most energy efficient low to high density data centre cooling solution available. It can replace the traditional approach to data centre cooling or work alongside  existing data centre designs as it is modular and scalable.

In short if you are looking to reduce capital expenditure, energy consumption, carbon footprint and real estate the ColdLogik CL20 rear cooler is the international number one solution of choice. In fact, you’ll find all these great benefits across our entire range of cooling solutions.  

Server Cabinet Cooling - ColdLogik CL20 Rear Cooler



Energy saving

Up to 98% energy saving over CRAC based solutions. Up to 83% energy savings over aisle containment solutions. Up to 45% energy savings over In-Row cooling.


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Lower CAPex

Fewer cabinets, increased densities. No aisle containment or raised floor requirements.

Reduction on chiller size, free coolers and over all data centre real-estate.


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Lower TCO - Rapid ROI

Lower Total Cost of Ownership—Return Of Investment is significantly faster than other energy efficient cooling solutions due to the substantial energy savings and lower capital expenditure and higher density capability.


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Low to high density cooling with one solution in one space

The ColdLogik CL20 rear cooler solution allows deployment of an RDHx to each cabinet or sharing an RDHx to a number of cabinets.

It is possible to combine low and high density cabinets throughout the data centre allowing for future expansion without compromise.


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Unrivalled PUE

Only the ColdLogik CL20 rear cooler has an independently tested PUE figure achieved: Partial load 1.090 to 1.014 and on full load of 1.045


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Hot spot removal

A major contributor to the reduction of hardware lifespan and hardware and software failure is hot spots in cabinets. The intelligent design of the RDHx provides a perfect solution by eliminating them at source.


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Retrofit capability

To extend the life of an existing data centre or to maximise the capacity of a smaller number of cabinets can be achieved with the ColdLogik CL20 rear cooler as it can be retrofitted to any non ColdLogik compliant USpace or OEM rack via our universal Interface Frame, without the need to decommission old cabinets or even entire data centres.


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Controlled room temperature

Our simple end to end solution to effectively control the comms and data centre room environment is the ColdLogik Management System ‘CMS’

Each RDHx is intelligently managed for optimum efficiency by embedded computers which continually adjust the operational parameters in response to the heat removal demands temperature.


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Data centre room monitoring

The ColdLogik Room Management System ‘RMS’ monitors and manages devices and plant on the ColdLogik network by best optimisation, ensuring the room environment is maintained in the most energy efficient way. RMS can be viewed remotely and locally and provide full access and control.


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Safety & system resilience leak prevention

In the unlikely event of a pipework breach the unique patented Leak Prevention System ‘LPS’ stop water escaping fromj the pipework allowing the cooling system to continue running unimpaired providing uptime, safety and system resilience.

Additionally to comply with TIA 942 the ColdLogik solution can provide full N+1 redundancy.


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Total flexibility - Standard and non-standard ranges

Available as standard in 2 heights and 3 widths, with 7 variants from passive low duty (0.1kW) to active high duty (85kW per cabinet) 110kW version currently in design.

The ColdLogik CL20 rear cooler boasts the most versatile range available with non standard sizes supplied to suit individual requirements.


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SAN & UPS cabinet cooling

Since its launch in 2007 the CL20 has been designed-in to many solutions, including the cooling of OEM SAN and UPS cabinets. Naturally it is imperative to retain the integrity of the OEM’s product and to this end USystems had already developed an overhead runner system ‘Zero Aisle’ - which negated the need to hinge the cooler to the OEM cabinet. The runner system can be fitted to the top of the cabinet or suspended from the ceiling.


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Condensate free operation

Condensate free operation is based on sensible cooling which operates above dew point.


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