Communications room & office cooling

USystems takes an innovative approach to commercial air conditioning, offering products that focus on saving energy and in turn expenditure. The Directional Airflow eXhaust system ‘DAX’ can serve to remove heat from the rear of IT enclosures. This heat can be fully recycled to provide warmth to offices in the winter, presenting itself as an industrial cooling system that intelligently redistributes heat. The UCoustic Ducting Kit offers industrial cooling with flexibility in mind. Direct heat to other rooms or remove waste hot air directly through the wall, window or ceiling plenum.

Browse each product individually to discover the full range of benefits that they carry, including how they can complement other comms room services for optimum efficiency.

Communications Room & Office Cooling

Best practice energy saving option

The UCoustic ducting kit can save money on existing commercial air conditioning, enabling hot exhaust air to be directed outside the room or building, saving on energy and keeping the room cool.

Energy efficient heat removal and redistribution

An air cooling system specialising in monitored and targeted removal and redistribution of heat from 19” cabinets incorporating energy efficient EC technology.
Directional Airflow Exhaust System - Comms Room Services

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