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Coldlogik multi award-winning data centre cooling solutions

Why USystems?

At USystems we continuously strive to deliver the most energy and space efficient datacentre cooling products and solutions in the world – helping reduce our customers’ carbon footprint by encompassing natural and renewable resources. We can provide you with all the information you should need to maximise energy efficiency and uptime.

What type of cooling?

There are many types of cooling that you can use to cool your systems. But some are more efficient than others.

You tell us the systems you want or use in your datacentre we will tell you the best way in which to cool it efficiently and cost effectively – be sure to browse the complete cooling solutions from USystems for all your comms room cooling needs too.

Monitoring and reporting

This is key to keeping your datacentre’s systems running at its optimum capacity while keeping costs down. Our systems are designed to do this, with a range of different ways to monitor and report back to you.

Energy saving

There are many energy metrics used within different industries – the air conditioning industry uses the energy efficiency ratio (EER) and data centres often refer to PUE (power usage effectiveness).  Another metric used within the air conditioning field is the estimated seasonal energy efficiency ratio (ESEER) which takes into account both part load and seasonal variance and focuses purely on cooling equipment and no other power consuming products in the data centre.


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A 3D Examle of our Data Centre Cooling Systems
CL20 Rear Cooler Low Duty Deployment
CL20 Rear Cooler Low to Medium Duty Deployment
CL20 Rear Cooler Medium to Heavy Duty Deployment
Room Management System (RMS)
Convex Aisle Containment
CL80 Inrow Cooler
SAN Coolers
Borehole Injection
River/Sea/Lake return water
River/Sea/Lake supply water
Hybrid Adiabatic Cooler
Free Cooling Module
Cooling Towers
Borehole Injection

Cooling Solutions

Perfect Climate - Perfect Control

Cost and energy efficient aisle air containment solutions - custome design and build convex, vertical, horizontal, In-row, hot or cold options

New Generation Computer Room Cooling

Low to high density cooling solutions for data centres demonstrated to be able to provide a PUE of between 1.045 and 1.09

Unrivalled cooling solutions for data centres

Precision in-row cooling controlled and integrated via ColdLogik's award winning Management and Room Management Systems

Because prevention is better than the cure

Unique Patented and GUARANTEED leak free operation with the Leak Prevention System for water cooled data centre infrastructures
Leak Prevention System

Passive and active Controlled Air Path

To improve the efficiency of a CRAC-based data centre design, USystems' ColdLogik 'CAP' (Controlled Air Path) units isolate and guide hot air out of the top of the cabinet into a ceiling plenum.
ColdLogik Controlled Air Path Unit

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