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U measuring strip

U measuring strip

U is the EIA-310 standard unit of measure for designating the vertical usable space, or height of racks and cabinets. This unit of measurement refers to the usable internal space between the mounting angles of a rack. 1U is equal to 44.45mm (1.75 inches).

U strip is a self adhesive labeling system which is stuck directly onto the mounting angles to assist with identification of a specified location when installing equipment within the cabinet. Sold in sets of two strips with numbering starting at the base (1U) up to a maximum of 48U heights - cut to size as required.

Depth support rails

Sold in pairs - depth support rails are fitted horizontally between the front and rear cabinet corner post.

Their main function is to support the 19” mountings and allow adjustment throughout the depth of the cabinet.

They also provide support to accessories such as cable trays, power distribution units etc.

Compatible with

USpace 4210 server cabinet range

4210 Baying Kit

USpace 4210 baying kit enables two or more cabinets to be bayed together and fixed securely into position.

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